Bill Out: Senator Trillanes Leaves Senate With A Hefty Bill

EBA65BEB-536B-4D10-819E-374CE64094BFMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Senator Antonio Trillanes IV left his Senate office past 10 a.m. Saturday morning after staying there for 25 days as he faced arrest following President Rodrigo Duterte’s decision to void his amnesty. 

This after a Makati court on Friday deferred issuing an arrest warrant against the former Navy officer for coup d’etat charges filed against him for his role in the 2003 Oakwood mutiny.

As he checked out of the Senate, Trillanes was handed a bill by the chamber custodian for a totl of P220,550.  (The amount is greater than the P200,000 bail the Senator posted following his arrest upon orders of Makati RTC Branch 150.) The breakdown:

Lodging : P1,598/day x 25 days =P39, 950

Cleaning Fee: P500/day x 25 days = P12,500

Water Consumption: P300/day x 25 days = P7,500

Electricity: PP500/day x 25 days = P12,500

Internet Fee: P624/day x 25 days = P15,600

Security Fee: P1,000/day x 25 days = P25,000

Corkage fee (for takeout food and beverage): P300/day x 25 days = P7,500

Miscellaneous charges: P100,000 total


The Adobo Chronicles asked the Senate Custodian for the basis in charging the lodging fee of P1,598.  He said that it was based on the average nightly rate at Sogo Hotels in Metro Manila.

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