BBC’s Stephen Sackur Interviews Philippine VP Leni Robredo. We Have The Transcript Of the Recorded Hardtalk Segment

10B4C023-4DFA-4211-8C64-1018ABBA79FBLONDON, United Kingdom (The Adob Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) – The much-awaited BBC interview with Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo is finally happening.

Stephen Sackur has recorded an interview with Robredo for a near future broadcast of his television show, ‘Hardtalk.’ The broadcast date is still being deliberated on, but The Adobo Chronicles was able to secure part of the transcript of the show:

Sackur: Thank you Madam for agreeing to appear on ‘Hardtalk.’

Robredo: No problem, Stephen, anything that would boost my ratings and popularity.

Sackur: You have been criticized for saluting the Philippine flag twice in a row.  Critics have said that only the Commander-in-Chief or military personnel should be doing the salute.

Robredo: But I like to salute.  See, even U.S. President Donald Trump saluted a general during his recent visit to North Korea.

Sackur: Understand. Reports have it  that the ongoing recount of ballots for the 2016 Vice Presidential elections has  uncovered some anamolous  situations.

Robredo: That’s fake news.

Sackur: I also heard that you wanted the Duterte government to explain why the Philippine Peso has declined to the lowest level since the last 12 years. But historical data show that the peso has dipped to its lowest level  in 2004.  That’s less than 12 years.

Robredo:  Can I phone a friend, Georgina Hernandez?

(End of interview)


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