Kris Aquino Says She’s Now Friends With PRRD, Will Run For Senator Under PDP-Laban

94D5263E-8A1B-4EA7-AEEB-3B9732753EC5.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – During a radio interview shortly after her return to Manila, retired but comebacking entertainer Kris Aquino says she’s now friends with President Rodrigo Roa Duterte (PRRD).

”This is now my opinion. ‘Friends’ na kami ni PRRD.  Okay na.  So, as for her (referring to Mocha Uson), I dont care!”

The Adobo Chronicles caught up with Aquino after the radio show and we asked her what her future plans are.

She confirmed that she is running for Senator in the 2019 elections and will do so under Duterte’s PDP-Laban.

”It’ll be a sure win,” she says, “because I will have the support of both the Yellows as well as the Duterte supporters.”

Aquino said she came to the decision after Duterte’s apology to her following her war of words with Mocha Uson, and after Uson reiterated to her followers that she has no plans of running for elected office.

Keep smiling, keep shining
Knowing you can always count on me, for sure
That’s what friends are for
For good times and bad times
I’ll be on your side forever more
That’s what friends are for


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