Selfitis: American Psychiatric Association Admits It Used Wrong Term To Describe Mental Disorder

Photo: Crunchfish

WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Four years after it officially declared the taking of selfies a mental disorder, the American Psychiatric Asssociation (APA) now admits it used the wrong terminology to describe the disease.

It named the disorder, ‘selfitis.’

Since then, the world has acknowledged and experienced the existence of sefitis. Scientific studies, including a recent one conducted by the U.K.’s Nottingham Trent University, have confirmed the existence of this mental disorder.

Today, APA issued a statement that it erred in naming the disorder ‘selfitis.’

” ’itis’ refers to an inflammation,” APA said, ‘ and since the taking of selfies and posting them on the Internet is really more of an addiction than an infllamation, the more correct term for it should be ‘selfism.’

As in alcoholism, the addiction to alcohol.

Still other medical experts say selfitis was also accurage because it involves the ‘inflammation’ of the ego.



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