Mass Exodus From Rappler To Adobo Chronicles


Editor’s NoteL:  This article as fact-checked by Vera Files which tagged it as “satire.”

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Maria Ressa must be twisting and turning in her bed right now. There has been a mass exodus of followers from her online news source Rappler to The Adobo Chronicles.

It all started when Rappler posted an article on its website, criticizing The Adobo Chronicles for allegedly lacking in the elements of satire.

The article was titled “Fake News vs. Satire: Can you tell the difference?”

Ressa even tweeted that The Adobo Chronicles can’t (tell the difference).

But leave it to the intelligent netizens who exercised their judgment to fact-check and answer Rappler’s questions, and they decided that yes, they can tell the difference: Rappler is fake news and The Adobo Chronicles is satire.

So the exodus began.



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