Rappler, Vera Files Want To Fact-Check The Adobo Chronicles’ Films

602ED8B6-401B-415A-AD51-F94FB22C78BAMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – You give them a finger and they want your entire arm.  Such is the predicament now faced by Rappler and Vera Files, both recently named Facebook partners in fact-checking news and information on social media.

Rappler and Vera Files were quick to fact-check posts by The Adobo Chronicles, tagging them as either false or satire.

But now, the two fact-checkers also want to police films produced by The Adobo Chronicles and have asked Mark Zuckerberg to deputize them to do so.

But alas, Zuckerberg knows his limitations.  He said that films are not within the purview of Facebook and asked Maria Ressa and Ellen Tordesillas to seek approval from the Movie and Television Ratings and Classification Board (MTRCB)

Unfortunately, Rappler’s and Vera Files’ request was outrightly denied by MTRCB.

’Pati ba naman mga pelikula ay gusto pa ninyong pakialaman,” MTRCB said. (Now you also want to dip your dirty finger into films)


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