Adobo Chronicles Challenge: Let’s Take Back Our Sidewalks

9E9D92DB-BA2F-4BAE-8AEB-71AD6C9025DA.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Rappler’s Maria Ressa may want to take back the Internet which she doesn’t own, but we the people would like to take back OUR sidewalks.

The Adobo Chronicles is putting out a challenge to all law-abiding and pissed-off citizens anywhere in the world who are sick and tired of arrogant, self-entitled and inconsiderate vehicle drivers who have been stealing our sidewalks through illegal parking.

The challenge:  each time you see an illegally-parked vehicle, especially one that obstructs pedestrian territory like crosswalks or sidewalks, take a photo and post it on Facebook or Instagram.  Be sure to capture the license plate in your photo.

We will then publish a collage of all your photos.

Please tag @TheAdoboChronicles so we can include your photos in our collage.

We also suggest you include the location of the illegally-parked vehicle.

This collage is one for the Louvre Museum in Paris!


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