Editorial: These Boots Aren’t Made For Driving

BB58FB15-52CA-44B4-B046-DE5F8F3AA0E9They’re called the Denver Boots, and they are not made for walking nor for driving.

These are iron clamps attached to the wheels of cars in the U.S. — those whose owners are repeat traffic violators.  Ignore your traffic citations and tickets and you’re bound to get a Denver Boot.

The Adobo Chronicles has been noticing a lot of illegally-parked vehicles in the Philippines, not the least of them practically obstructing pedestrian territory — sidewalks.

These vehicle owners seem oblivious to the great inconvenience they cause pedestrians by blocking their right of way.  In most cases, the pedestrian sidewalks are already too narrow and yet unscrupulous drivers use the curbs as their private parking space.

It’s about time we put an end to this arrogant practice and stand for the rights of pedestrians.

We propose that our government import ample an supply of Denver Boots to deal will illegal parking.  Let’s lock up the wheels of the vehicles so that the drivers will realize what it means to inconvenience others.

Furthermore, it seems that some traffic police are also oblivious to these parking violations and ignore them most of the time.

Well, let’s distribute the Denver Boots not to traffic police but to ordinary citizens who will be deputized to lock up the wheels of parking violators.

If we, the citizens, can make citizen arrests, there is no reason we cannot boot out parking violators who have no regard for the law-abiding like most of us.


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