High Demand For ‘Labanderas’ In The U.S., Thanks To Donald Trump

5EC1B98B-A92B-46CC-A8BA-40665B0CC27B.jpegWASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – What was once thought as a dying breed of labanderas (laundry ladies) seems to be staging a big comeback — in the United States.

Thanks to Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ policy, steep tarriffs have been imposed on washing machines and solar products.  As a result, middle-income American families who can no longer afford the high cost of washing machines and clothes driers are resorting to hand washing and setting up clotheslines in their homes and apartments.

But this has also increased the demand for labanderas. Americans are now willing to sponsor the work visas of foreign nationals from Mexico and the Philippines and provide them gainful employment as live-in laundry ladies. (Many Americans realize they get extra perks when employing labanderas: their clothes get ironed as well!)

Got handwashing skills?  Contact the U.S. Embassy closest to you.




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