Leila De Lima Condemns Philippine Daily Inquirer For Naming Pinoy Ako Blog ‘Filipino Of The Year’

A33751D5-0113-4405-B32E-EA72CCEDBFE2QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Incarcerated Senator Leila De Lima has condemned the Philippine Daily Inquirer for its choice of the 2017 ‘Filipino of the Year.’

The Inquirer recently announced that Pinoy Ako Blog’s (PAB) Jover Laurio is its choice for the notorious award, akin to TIME Magazine’s Person of the Year.

”How dare The Inquirer choose someone who has done nothing to fight for freedom and justice for the Filipino people,” De Lima said from her jail cell at the PNP Headquarters in Quezon City.

”After all I’ve done to fight the Duterte dictatorship, The Inquirer chose to give the recognition to some previously unknown, good-for-nothing blogger just because she was interviewed by BBC,” De Lima said.

”This is not sour grapes,” the Senator added, “but common sense.  What’s next, PAB will be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize? Come on!”

The Inquirer has refused to comment on De Lima’s condemnation.


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