Finally, A Sensible Solution To Metro Manila’s Nightmarish Traffic

IMG_5234.PNGMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Imagine yourself in a jeepney during commute hours from Fairview in Quezon City going to Taft Ave. in Manila, or vice versa.  What are you going to do during those nightmarish hours, especially when your cellphone is registering “low batt.”

The traffic problem in Metro Manila seems hopeless as it has been for many decades, with no solution on hand.

Until now.

Today, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced what it called the most sensible solution thus far to the traffic problem.

In a memorandum addressed to all drivers and operators of jeepneys plying the Quezon City to Manila route, MMDA is now requiring them to install karaoke machines in their vehicles.

“If we can’t solve the traffic situation, we can at least make the daily commute more entertaining for the commuters, by providing the most popular form of entertainment for Pinoys — karaoke singing,” MMDA said.

So next time to hop on a jeepney, make sure you’re prepared to belt out your favorite karaoke song — except Frank Sinatra’s “My Way,” which has been banned by the Philippine government years ago because it was considered the deadliest karaoke song.



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