Trillanes’ Camp Spreading Fake News That Adobo Chronicles Is ‘Fake’

IMG_2400MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – There’s nothing much that  Antonio Trillanes and his supporters can do for damage control after that embarrassing interview the senator had with Stephen Sackur of BBC.

We previously reported that Sackur practically pulverized every single comment and response by Trillanes. Nothing that the senator said could convince the hard-talking host otherwise that the former was “out of tune” with the majority of the Filipinos, especially the 75% of the population that supports President Duterte.

Now, Trillanes’ camp is resorting to a different strategy — spreading fake news.

In a Facebook post of one of Trillanes’ camp (one of the authors is a namesake of the senator), The Adobo Chronicles was tagged as “fake news.”

Our readers and followers of course know that this is farthest from the truth.

We wonder whether those who think AdoboChron is fake news were absent from class when the teacher talked about satire.

We have disclaimers all over our site.  Hell, who would name a legitimate news site, ‘Adobo?’ From the beginning, we have stood by our motto of being “your source of up-to-date, UNBELIEVABLE NEWS (capitalization supplied).

Sure, some of our readers who depend on free data for Facebook, don’t have the luxury of checking our ‘About’ page each time, but a quick Google search would show that we are listed as satire. Even memebuster, the site that warns netizens about fake stories on the Internet, defended us against another site that plagiarized our ‘story’ on Trillanes.

So to members of the Trillanes camp, we say you can’t accuse anyone of being fake by faking it yourselves.


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