When A President Misspells A Word

IMG_1838WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – No other president in history has ever been so careless in his tweets, often misspelling words that kids easily ace in the National Spelling Bee. Like Donald Trump. Like ‘covfefe.’

Trump’s tweet has gone viral but no one has dared to correct his spelling.

Well, we will.

The correct spelling is ‘cofveve.’ It means to have coffee ☕️  first and converse later.

Let’s hope Trump can correctly pronounce ‘nuclear,’ unlike that other President who says it the ‘nucular’ way.

Calling the attention of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos!


One thought on “When A President Misspells A Word”

  1. When do you stop beating a dead horse. If you hate someone so much it gets too stupid to keep complaining and picking. He is the.
    President of The USA, and you are all just a bunch of powerless “TWITS”. He is yours. You people have worshiped idiots for generations… KEEP TALKING and Complaining and…


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