U.P. Oblation Statue To Be ‘Unveiled’

IMG_1807QUEZON CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – The Oblation, the well-recognized symbol of the University of the Philippines will soon be unveiled. Literally.

The naked statue of a man (with just a leaf front covering), with hands outstretched and looking up to the sky, was designed by Filipino artist Guillermo Tolentino.

The U.P. Board of Regents unanimouslty approved a resolution for the total unveiling to symbolize the university’s continuing search of the truth through education.

Critics say, however, that it is the board’s strategy to diffuse and cover up the controversies that have plagued the university in recent months — including its politics, activism and its failure to  make it to the topnotcher lists in professional regulation exams.

No state funds will be used for ‘renovating’ the oblation statues at all U.P. campuses nationwide.  An ‘endowment’ grant from concerned U.P. alumni has been set aside for this purpose.

“It is a coming of age,” one U.P. student commented. “If students can run around fully naked during the annual “Oblation Run,” why can’t the very symbol of the university do the same?”

One question remains between now and the unveiling:  how endowed is the Oblation?


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