First IKEA Store Soon To Open In The Philippines

IMG_9638MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – IKEA, the popular ready-to-assemble furniture and home appliances giant, will soon open its very first store in the Philippines, as confirmed by Swedish Ambassador Harald Fries.

But Fries said the Philippine store will be like no other.

In an effort to utilize indigenous materials and promote products that reflect the true identity of the Philippines, IKEA will be showcasing and selling do-it-yourself items that include:

  • Bahay Kubo
  • Giant Spoon and Fork Woodcarved Wall Decor
  • Woodcarved Giant Hand Chairs
  • Rice Dispenser
  • Last Supper Wall Frames
  • Easy-to-assemble karaoke machines

IMG_9689IKEA said it will continue to explore items that it will be showcasing, including furniture, appliances and home accessories made of sea shells, bamboo, rattan — even leather shoes and flipflops made in Marikina.

It’s more fun in the Philippines.  IKEA will make it all the more fun!


2 thoughts on “First IKEA Store Soon To Open In The Philippines”

    1. We are building a small hotel and restaurant (Riverview Lodge & Restaurant)on the road between San Antonio and Taiong. To furnish it we don’t want to ship everything from the U.S. It will be much easier and cheaper to buy tables, chairs, beds, dresser, etc., in the Philippines.
      So we want to know where the store will be and the date it opens.
      Ted Hoff


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