Where In The World Is Jim Paredes?


MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Filipino-Australian Jim Paredes, Duterte critic and former member of the music group Apo Hiking Society, is missing!

After that viral video tape showing him berating a group of pro-Duterte youth at the EDSA 31 commeration, he hasn’t been seen around.  There are no indications that he has returned to Australia.

But finally, Paredes has given a clue on his whereabouts.

In a tweet posted several days ago, Paredes said:


But his Twitter message generated more questions than answers.  Both his fans and critics still have no clue where he is.

Speculations range from Paredes having joined the New People’s Army or Abu Sayyaf to being in an anti-Duterte rally where only 40 people were in attendance.  Others are saying that he could be vacationing in Brazil’s Amazon forest, where as a Filipino citizen, he doesn’t need a visa to visit.

Or maybe, he has decided to be a monk?


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