Australian Prime Minister Revokes Jim Paredes’ Citizenship

Turnbull, center, with ASEAN leaders including Philippine President Duterte , extreme right, (file photo)

SYDNEY, Australia (The Adobo Chronicles, Honolulu Bureau) -Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has instructed Australia’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection to revoke the citizenship of Filipino musician Jim Paredes, sources close to The Adobo Chronicles confirmed today.

Paredes, a known supporter of ex-President Aquino and critic of President Rodrigo Duterte, is currently in the Philipines making the rounds of rallies and protests,  including last week’s commemoration of the 31st anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution that ousted President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

img_9390During the EDSA event, Paredes was video-taped berating a group of Filipino youth who were peacefully expressing support for Duterte.

Turnbull maintains that while Australia encourages its citizens to openly express their political views, it cannot condone any harassment or intimidation directed at young people who are the future of any country.

“Through his actions, he has brought shame to Australia and its freedom-loving citizens,” Turnbull said.

Paredes is a dual citizen of the Philippines and Australia.




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