Senator Bam Aquino Files Senate Bill To Rename EDSA Jim Paredes Avenue (JPA)

img_9390MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Many Filipinos have seen the viral video of musician and Aquino supporter Jim Paredes berating a group of young students for showing up and hurling a banner in support of President Duterte at the EDSA 31 commemoration.

Paredes seemed to think that EDSA belonged to the Yellow Movement (or is it the Black Movement now?), and that anyone aligned with Duterte or opposed to the Aquinos had no right to be at EDSA.

Impressed by Paredes’ passion to defend the Aquino legacy that represented EDSA and the People Power Revolution, Senator Bam Aquino filed a Senate Bill that would rename EDSA to Jim Paredes Avenue or JPA.

“No other private individual has shown so much commitment and courage to defend the Aquino Republic as Paredes,” the senator said.

“Renaming EDSA to JPA is appropriate and shows the Filipino nation’s appreciation for a private citizen who, despite renouncing his Philippine citzenship to live a life of comfort in Australia, is still very committed to fight for Filipino freedom, democracy and oligarchy, Aquino said.

Senator Risa Hontiveros has agreed to co-sponsor Aquino’s bill.


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