Body Language Expert Talks About Presidents Donald Trump And Rodrigo Duterte

IMG_8654.PNGWASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – An analysis of the body language of Donald Trump on the day of his inauguration has reinforced a numbe of perceptions about the new president and his wife Melania.

The analysis includes a seemingly cold relationship between the new First Couple.

Now, a new revelation from a body language expert who shall remain unnamed compares the “clenched fists” publicly displayed by Trump and Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte.

Trump raised his hand with a clenched fist at his inauguration, a gesture that has been widely attributed to Duterte and his followers and supporters.

The expert described each of the presidents’ clenched fist.

  • Trump’s clenched fist is half-hearted which could mean that he wasn’t comfortable making the gesture.  He raises his arm only half-way, below his head, compared to Duterte who raises his arm past his head. Duterte is very confident about his actions.
  • Trump’s face while doing his clenched fist showed his usual smirk which means he’s not happy nor passionate about his gesture.  On the other hand, Duterte’s mouth is open, giving the message that he’s serious and ready to fight for his principles and that he really means what he says — even if he has to cuss.
  • The angle of Trump’s arm is in a straight line which means that he’s not willing to take risks and only wants to follow one, and only one direction.  Duterte’s arm is curved, indicating he’s ready to try new things even if it takes him to an unfamiliar path (unlike his predecessor NoyNoy Aquino who stuck to daang matuwid, his mantra of a straight path).
  • One can see the force of Duterte’s arm and fist, revealing even his veins.  It shows power, strength and determination.  Of course, we can’t see Trump’s arms because he’s wearing a coat sleeve, but it is apparent that he is not as forceful in his gesture.  This could only mean that he’s weak, thin-skinned and will not make a strong leader.

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