Donald Trump Jealous And Very Disappointed For Not Being Invited To APEC Summit

IMG_7035.PNGLIMA, Peru  (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) –Sure, Donald Trump is not yet president of the United States, but the president-elect has expressed deep disappointment for not being invited to a summit of Asia-Pacific leaders here in Lima, Peru.

Leaders of some 21-member countries belonging to the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation group (APEC) are meeting here amid speculation that Trump will scuttle President Obama’s key trade initiative in the Asia-Pacific region, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

But apart from being disappointed, Trump said he was very jealous that he was not able to personally meet two of his idol world leaders — Russia’s Vladimir Putin and the Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte.  The two leaders met for the first time while in attendance at the APEC summit.

Duterte has publicly acknowledged that he was a fan of Putin, and so has Trump.

In contrast, Trump has repeatedly criticized China for what he had called unfavorable trade deals with the U.S. China, an APEC member, has seized the opportunity to extend its already massive economic clout in the Pacific Rim, in anticipation that the TPP is laid to rest by Trump.

The Adobo Chronicles had the rare opportunity of speaking with both Duterte and Putin, and we asked both gentlemen what they thought about Trump.

Putin merely shrugged his shoulders, while Duterte uttered some intelligible cuss words which we assume were directed at the American president-elect.

For now, there are no selfie opportunities for Trump with the two popular leaders.


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