While The Cat Is Away In China, The Mouse Is Also Away In Ecuador

Both out: Duterte in China, Robredo in Ecuador

BEIJING, China (The Adobo Chronicles, Tokyo Bureau) – Philippine Vice President Leni Robredo once told an audience in the U.S. that her only role is to wait for “something to happen to the president.”

So, if something did happen in the next few days to President Duterte while he is away on an official state visit to China, what is Robredo’s role?  Nothing, because is also away, in Ecuador.

This is Robredo’s third foreign travel since she became VP.

One would think that if the president of a country is out on official business, the next in line to the presidency should stay put, just in case.

But as the saying goes, “while the cat is away, the mouse will play.”

While we are not saying Robredo is out playing (she’s attending a UN Habitat Conference), shouldn’t there be more travel coordination between the Offices of the President and VP so that, in the very worlds of Robredo — if anything happens to the president — then…




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