China Visit: Philippine President Duterte Plans To Trade Manila’s Chinatown For Scarborough Shoal

Manila’s Chinatown

BEIJING, China (The Adobo Chronicles, Hong Kong Bureau) – Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte begins a three-day official visit to Beijing Tuesday, armed with a solid proposal to resolve once and for all the territorial dispute between his country and China over Scarborough Shoal in the West Philippine Sea, a.k.a. South China Sea.

Malacañang told The Adobo Chronicles that Duterte will propose to the Chinese government a deal in which China will give up its claim over Scarborough Shoal in exchange for the Philippines relinquishing ownership of the entire area on which Manila’s Chinatown now stands.

China is reportedly very interested in having full jurisdiction over the world’s oldest Chinatown.

The Chinese government plans to convert Manila’s Chinatown into a Hong Kong style enclave and make it a world-famous shopping and tourist destination.

The Philippines, on the other hand, will have full ownership of Scarborough Shoal, including all the benefits that will be derived from its oil-rich resources.

U.S. Secretary of State was reported to be scratching his head over this shocking news from Beijing.



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