Cynthia Patag’s Non-Apology Apology

img_6443MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – By now, Filipino netizens are familiar with retired singer-comedienne Cynthia Patag’s  rant on her Facebook account whereby she spread lies about musician Noli Asencio’s recent death.

Patag reposted a private message she received from the wife of another retired singer, Jim Paredes.  That message claimed that Asencio was abducted and drugged and was a victim of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s war on drugs.

Well, the family of Asencio denied the claim and lamented the fact that Patag used the musician’s death for her own vile political agenda.

You see, Patag and the Paredeses are very anti-Duterte.

Naturally Patag received many angry comments from Filipino netizens.

Today, Patag issued a non-apology apology addressed to Asencio’s family, Iwi Laurel and Nicole Laurel Asencio.

At first, netizens thought Patag was sincerely apologizing.  But then she went on with yet another rant:

Susme! Nicole accused me of using her deceased dad for my own vile political agenda. “You should be ashamed of yourself! Have some respect for yourself first!” You, too, Iwi, posted the same, but awa ng Dios, yours was more subdued: “Who appointed you as spokesperson for our family?” HA?😳 Ay, Laurel-Asencio – mga Pinoy elite pala sila.😊”

Here’s Patag’s full post.  You be the judge:





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