Inquirer, FilAm Lawyer Apologize To Philippine President Duterte

img_6385SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – The Inquirer, a leading Philippine daily newspaper, and Ted Laguatan, a self-confessed long-time San Francisco-based Filipino American lawyer, have issed a joint and very heart-felt apology to President Rodrigo Duterte today.

Yesterday, the Inquirer published a scathing op-ed piece by Laguatan in which he urged the world’s good and decent people like himself to force Duterte to resign. The good lawyer invoked Jesus Christ in hoping that the popular president amend “his evil ways” and  “save his soul.”

The problem? Laguatan named the wrong president, whoever that “Rodolfo Duterte” was. And it seemed that the Inquirer didn’t know any better by publishing the article.

Perhaps the newspaper couldn’t afford to pay a copyeditor? Or did the editors think Laguatan’s lengthy piece was satire?

Inquirer has since corrected the misnomer, but thanks to the power of the Internet Laguatan’s laughable piece and the Inquirer’s complicity in attacking Duterte will go down  in history as the greatest infamy in Philippine politics.

(The letter of apology hasn’t been published yet as it is undergoing some intensive copyediting and proofreading at the Inquirer.)



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