Philippine News Blog Rappler Accuses Facebook Of Being Undemocratic, Picks A Fight With Mocha Uson

Uson, left, and Ressa

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – If you can’t lick Mocha Uson, blame Facebook.  This seems to be the expert opinion of Maria Ressa, CEO of the Philippine news blog Rappler.

Uson, for those who don’t know her, is a performer and member of the group Mocha Girls. In recent months she has turned political blogger, gaining the attention of millions of Filipino netizens and the Duterte administration.  She actively campaigned to elect Duterte and remains an avid defender of the president’s policies and actions.

Rappler, on the other hand, is a leading news blog. Many have accused it, however, as among among the biased news media in the country.   We’ll not mention the other since this is about Rappler.

But Uson seems to have overtaken Rappler in terms of “likes” and following, and Ressa is not happy.

In an opinion piece published in her own news blog, Ressa berates what she calls Facebook’s “black box” algorithm which has resulted in Uson’s popularity and Rappler’s continuing decline.

Because we are not a biased outlet, we have taken the liberty of posting in full Ressa’s attack on Facebook.

You be the judge.



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