Philippine President Duterte A Rock Star In Japan

image.jpegTOKYO, Japan (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – When Shinzo Abe met Rodrigo Roa Duterte in Laos, the first thing that the Japanese prime minister told the Philippine president was, “You’re famous in Japan!“. He wasn’t kidding.

Duterte is considered a rock star in Japan. His unconventional ways and tough talk have gained the admiration of the Japanese — both young and old.

One famous concert venue in Tokyo advertised that it would freature the Filipino leader in a satellite feed from his hometown of Davao City where he just arrived from a state visit to Indonesia.

The drug-free concert sold out just hours after the show’s organizers announced Duterte’s video appearance.

As soon as Duterte came on the satellite feed, the concert crowd cheered and lit glow sticks, bringing the packed hall into a state of pandemonium.

In his video message, Duterte encouraged the concert crowd to stay away from illegal drugs.

Other concert venues and dance clubs throughout Japan are planning to hold similar events featuring Duterte’s live message from the Philippines.

Many Japanese are looking forward to Duterte’s state visit to their country after learning that the Filipino leader has accepted the invitation from Abe.




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