Donald Trump Releases His Medical Record

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) – Now that Hillary Clinton has officially revealed the cause of her health scare during the 911 commemoration ceremonies, Donald Trump had no choice but to release his own medical record.

While the Republican presidential candidate still refuses to releasse his tax returns, he has given his personal doctors the go-ahead to release a copy of his medical record to the news media.

Previously, Trump released a letter from his physician stating that the 69-year-old Republican presidential candidate’s latest medical examination “showed only positive results.”  However, no accompanying official medical records were made available to the news media.

But following the announcement from Hillary Clinton’s doctors that she had been diagnosed with pneumonia, the Trump campaign decided it had no choice but to release their candidate’s official health records.

While an examination of the records showed that Trump’s blood pressure and lab results were “astonishingly excellent,” they also showed that the candidate has an unresolved diagnosis of erratic mental behavior.

Trump’s physician of 25 years, Dr. Harold Bornstein, downplayed the mental diagnosis, saying that it was most likely a result of the enormous stress that his patient has undergone as a result of his bankruptcies as well as the cancellation of his reality TV show, “The Apprentice.”  

Bornstein said that his patient’s mental behavior will resolve by itself in due time and that he stands by his previous statement that if elected, Trump “will be the healthiest invididual ever elected to the presidency.”




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