Philippines: Baguio City’s Newest Product – Bottled Fresh Air

(original photo by @cousinfrombaguio)

BAGUIO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Baguio Bureau) – Fresh strawberries and vegetables, bottled ube jam, garlic or sweet longganisa, wood-carved barrel man.  These are just a few of the souvenirs and pasalubong one can take back home after a visit to the Philippines’ summer capital — Baguio City.

Now, a new local product has been introduced in the market and its popularity has sky-rocketed in just weeks after it launched in late June.

It’s Baguio fresh air, bottled at the source, and it comes complete with the ever popular pine scent, preserved from the trees cut down when SM Department Store built its mall atop Luneta Hill, former site of the famed Pines Hotel.

It costs about three hundred pesos (about US $6.50) per bottle, but the price is expected to increase to more than double because of the high demand.

Best sources of this amazing product are the world famous Baguio City Market and some vendor stalls along  Burnham Lake.

It is expected to hit the world market in no time.  Get them while you can!

NOTE: Cousin from Baguio contributed to this report.





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