CNN News Anchor Wants Her Senator Sister To Resign

Pia, left, and Risa: the Hontiveros sisters

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – We’ve heard many sister stories before — stories of human interest, of success, of conflict. But nothing of the magnitude of a sister relationship gone sour over career.  And it could only happen in the Philippines.

Enter Pia Hontiveros. A familiar face and voice on CNN Philippines. She has established herself as a no-nonsense news anchor with many labeling her as the Anderson Cooper of the Philippines.

Then comes Risa Hontiveros, former Congresswoman and newly-elected senator.  A former journalist herself, Risa brands herself as a social activist trying to make a name for herself as a fearless politician out to challenge the status quo, and the Duterte administration.

In recent weeks, Risa has championed the “Never Again” movement, personally distributing anti-Marcos books ( well, one book that is — the one authored by Raissa Robles) in schools.   In response to the Davao City bombing, Risa has criticized President Duterte’s declaration of a “state of lawlessness,” saying that the military and police cannot run the country.

Now, how is Pia supposed to objectively report on the news when the main character is her sister?  She is conflicted.  She know about ‘conflict of interest,’ and she understands about credibility.

So today, she made a very difficult decision to publicly call upon her senator sister to resign so that she can freely report on the news.

But Risa has her own idea: “Why doesn’t Pia resign as CNN anchor,” she asked.

Well, if both of them resigned, their story would make for a great Oscar-winning movie. Perhaps the first ever Oscar Best Picture for the Philippines!





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