Torre De Manila: A High-Rise Building For Philippine Jail Inmates?

image.jpegMANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Metro Manila’s prison system is in crisis — and has been for decades — due to inmate overcrowding that puts packed sardines and pig pens to shame. So is there any more room for those who will be incarcerated as a result of the current administration’s war on crime? Absolutely, if three Philippine senators can have their way.

Senators Tito Sotto, Leila De Lima and Manny Pacquiao are proposing that instead of building new prisons, the government should purchase Torre De Manila which is nearing completion.

Construction of the high-rise condominium building on Taft Avenue in Manila is on hold because of a temporary restraining order from the Supreme Court pending its final decision on a case brought before it against builders DMCI Homes.

Torre De Manila is known as the great photobomber because it diminishes, if not obstructs the people’s sacred view of the monument of their national hero Dr. Jose Rizal.

Whatever the outcome of the SC Court case, DMCI Homes and its president and chief operations officer Jorge Consunji had said that the high tribunal’s decision will be respected.

The three senators, with the full backing of all of Metro  Manila’s mayors, believe that the government purchase of the 48-storey building will end the controversy while easing the horrendous jail overcrowding in the metropolis.





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