Donald Trump Stuck In Elevator For 30 Minutes, Blames Hillary Clinton

imageDENVER, Colorado (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – For every single thing that goes wrong in the Trump camp, Donald has Hillary Clinton to blame.

The presidential debate schedule has been rigged, Trump claims, and Hillary has everything to do with it.  Two of the scheduled debates coincides with NFL games.  The Republican presidential candidate believes the Clinton camp wants to divide the television audience for those two nights, especially Trump likely or on-the-fence supporters who just won’t miss an NFL game.

Now, Trump is also pointing to Hillary for a ‘mishap’ he encountered on his way to a campaign appearance at The Mining Exchange Hotel in Colorado Springs.

Trump and ten other people were trapped inside the hotel’s elevator for 30 minutes making him late for his speaking engagement. Colorado Springs firefighters had to open the top elevator hatch and lowered a ladder to get everyone out.

“Believe me, it’s an inside job orchestrated by Hillary,” Trump said.

As the fall presidential campaign goes into high gear, expect more of  Trump’s blame game.

We can also predict that he will blame Hillary if he loses in the November elections.




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