China’s Change Of Heart On West Philippine Sea: Agrees To Reduce Its Nine-Dash Line

China’s original nine-dash line, left, and proposed four-dash line, right

BEIJING, China (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – After initially proclaiming that it will not recognize the recent ruling by the Permanent Arbitration Court which favored the Philippines’ territorial claim over disputed islands in the West Philippine Sea, China says it is now willing to sit down at the negotiation table with the Philippines.

In an exclusive interview with The Adobo Chronicles, China’s foreign minister said that in the spirit of peace and stability in the region, and in the interest of neighborly love, his country is now willing the reduce its nine-dash line to a four-dash line that would give the Philippines full access and jurisdiction over some of the disputed islands.

When asked for comment, Philippine Secretary of Foreign Affairs Perfecto Yasay, Jr. said that he will need to closely study the Chinese proposal and make appropriate recommendations to his boss, President Rod Duterte.

Earlier, Yasay was criticized by the media and netizens for “looking gloomy” during a press conference immediately following the announcement of the arbitration court’s ruling.




One thought on “China’s Change Of Heart On West Philippine Sea: Agrees To Reduce Its Nine-Dash Line”

  1. Listen to what Justice Carpio is saying that the constitution is specifically saying that Spratly belong to the Pilipino people and cannot be negotiated at all. Otherwise the President will be violating the constitution which will be tantamount to impeachment proceedings. He can be remove by impeachment if he agree to this. Violating the constitution is a serious offense against the Filipino people.


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