San Francisco Declares All Gay Bars As Historical Sites

image.jpegSAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Upon the recommendation of Supervisor Scott Wiener, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee today signed an executive order declaring all gay bars in the city to be “historical sites,” protecting them from demolition and conversion to condo units while freezing their rents to pre-1980 levels.

The unprecedented move was prompted by news that one of San Francisco’s oldest gay bars, The Stud, faces possible extinction.  Its building on Harrison Street has been sold, rent is expected to increase three-fold, and the club’s owner is retiring and moving back to Hawaii.

The 50-year-old bar is considered by many as San Francisco’s Stonewall where the U.S. gay movement is believed to have started.

“We need to preserve San Francisco’s reputation as the gayest city in America and we cannot afford any more closures of any of our gay bars,” Wiener told The Adobo Chronicles.  By recommending the executive order to Mayor Lee, Wiener says it belies accusations by his gay constituents that his is “pro-business.”

Wiener also said that he will also file a resolution before the Board of Supervisors authorizing the City and County of San Francisco to confiscate that “one gay bar/restaurant on Castro Street which was demolished, renovated but never opened. “The owner of that business also owns two other gay bars in the Castro.

“Perhaps the city can convert that vacant space into a government-run gay bar which could generate additional revenue to solve the homeless problem in San Francisco,” Wiener said.



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