New Presidential Teleprompter Automatically Bleeps Out Expletives

Duterte's custom teleprompters
Duterte’s custom teleprompters

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – There were unfounded fears that President Rod Duterte would embarrass the Philippines during his inaugural address last June 30. But nothing like that ever happened, thanks to the new teleprompters purchased by the presidential palace specifically for use by the president.

Duterte, oftentimes described by the media as the “foul-mouthed” mayor of Davao City, made his country proud at his oath-taking. Not only did he read verbatim from his prepared speech using a teleprompter, there was something else going on.

For a brief moment, Duterte tried to go off-script, and many Filipinos feared he would start using expletives like he does during his media interviews.

But Martin Andanar, presidential spokesperson, wasn’t a bit worried.  He told The Adobo Chronicles today that the teleprompter used by the president was a custom-made equipment that automatically bleeped out any expletives coming from Duterte.

Andanar assured the Filipino people that as long as Duterte uses these teleprompters for his speeches, no expletives will ever be heard from him.

Change has indeed come!





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