Duterte Announces List of Media Allowed To Cover Malacañang Inauguration

President-elect Duterte

DAVAO CITY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – Other than the state-run People’s Television Network, none of the Philippines’ mainstream media are happy campers these days, especially leading up to the June 30 inauguration of President-elect Rod Duterte.

Mainstream media have not only been slapped with the cancellation of Duterte’s media briefings in recent weeks, but have also been shut out of live coverage of the presidential inauguration from inside the Rizal Hall of Malacañang.

Today, the Duterte inauguration committee announced that the Davao City mayor has given his approval to allow a few media outlets access to the palace ceremonies on June 30. These outlets — 8 local and 2 foreign media — have not only been alloted front seats at the inauguration but have also received official invitations to join the diplomatic corps in the maruya (banana fritters) and buko (coconut) juice reception that immediately follows.

As announced by newly-appointed presidential spokesperson Ernie Abella, those given exclusive credentials to cover Duterte’s inauguration in addition to PTV-4 include:

1. Mocha Uson (the sexy performer who recently scored an exclusive video interview with Duterte)

2. The Adobo Chronicles

3. The Professional Heckler

4. Mosquito Press

5. Eritas Times

6. So, What’s News?

7. The Sick Man of Asia

8. XOLXOL.ph

9. The Onion

10. Saturday Night Live

In addition, Abella said that Facebook will live-stream the palace ceremonies.



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