Filipino Tourist Caught Trying To Smuggle Live Rooster Into China

imageNINGBO, China (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – In the Philippines, the 6,000 year-old sport of cockfighting has been transformed into a fully-legal, billion dollar industry. Known locally as sabong, it takes place in 2,500 dedicated stadiums across the country and kills thousands, if not millions of roosters each year.

Some Filipino cockfight enthusiasts consider their roosters part of their extended family and treat them as such, taking their feathered friends with them when they go on luxury vacations.

Such was the case for a Filipino tourist who tried to smuggle his rooster into China by packing it inside a giant ziplock bag as part of his handcarried luggage.

The unidentified male tourist was stopped and questioned by Chinese customs officials as the man disembarked at the Ningbo airport. His rooster was confiscated by authorities.

The Filipino was later allowed to leave the airport but the fate of his rooster remains unknown.

Ningbo airport was the same airport where a Chinese man was stopped by Customs officials for trying to smuggle a live giant lobster from Australia.



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