Poor Kris Aquino, She Had To Walk Three Kilometers To Get To A Campaign Rally

imageHAGONOY, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – She was panting so hard and could hardly deliver her campaign speech on behalf of the Liberal Party’s presidential standard bearer, Mar Roxas.  She had to walk all of three kilometers to get to the site of the political rally.

“She” is none other than presidential sister and talk show host Kris Aquino who has received a lot of flak after photos of her using the presidential chopper for her campaign sorties went viral on the Internet.

She appealed to the crowd to defend her.

Earlier, President Aquino defended his sister saying that she had the right to use the taxpayer-funded  presidential chopper because she is one of the country’s biggest taxpayers.

The Aquino camp has consistently denied that Kris used the government chopper for campaigning which is prohibited by law.

Yet, in her very own words, she said she was on board the presidential chopper enroute to the Hagonoy campaign rally when she decided to open the door, get off and  just walk the three kilometers so that the crowd won’t have to wait any longer for her campaign appearance.

Straight from the horse’s mouth, here is Kris Aquino’s admission:



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