Aquino Government Opens Newest Mega Mall In Manila

Opening day sale at the New Bilibid Prison Mega Mall in Muntinglupa
Opening day sale at the New Bilibid Prison Mega Mall in Muntinglupa

MUNTINGLUPA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles, Manila Bureau) – It was like a scene from a Black Friday sale in the U.S., only the setting was in Metro Manila, and it wasn’t even Thanksgiving.

As soon as the mega mall opened, there was a mad rush to purchase hugely discounted sale items — from giant-screen television sets, to expensive jewelry, exercise equipment, alcohol and cigarettes, and even pets.

It was the grand opening of the Aquino administration’s latest showcase of its anti-corruption campaign, ‘Daang Matuwid.’ The venue: the New Bilibid Prison (National Penitentiary).

Presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda  told The Adobo Chronicles that if the government can’t lick it, it might as well profit from it, referring to all the smuggled goods that come in and out of the prison cells.

Net profit from the opening day sale will be used to fund the waning presidential campaign of presidential candidate Mar Roxas, Aquino’s anointed successor.

Already, the new mega mall is being hailed as the most beautiful art deco mall in the world — yet another record for the Philippines.


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