Mexican, Philippine Legislators Vote To Ban Donald Trump

imageMEXICO CITY, Mexico (The Adobo Chronicles) – Legislators in Mexico City passed a proposal asking the federal government to ban Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump from entering the country, citing his repeated anti-Mexican  and anti-immigrant comments.

The proposal was approved unanimously, according to Deputy José Manuel Delgadillo of the conservative National Action Party.

Taking its cue from Mexico, members of the Philippine Congress unanimously passed a resolution similarly condemning Trump and banning him from visiting the country.

Although, Trump has not singled out Filipinos in his anti-immigrant comments, Filipino legislators felt that his statements might as well pertain to their countrymen who are among the largest immigrant populations in the United States.  They also cited the fact that Mexico and the Philippines have a long history of friendship dating back to the Acapulco Trade. “We’re doing this in solidarity with the Mexican people,” one congressman said. (In fact, there is a town in the Philippine province of Pampanga named Mexico, in honor of the friendship between the two countries.)

When he launched his presidential bid last year, Trump called Mexicans ‘rapists’ and ‘bad people.’ One of his campaign promises is to build a great wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.  He has repeatedly said that he will ask Mexico to pay for the cost of building the wall.

The Filipino legislators fear that if elected president, Trump will totally ban all immigrants to the United States and deport Filipinos currently residing therein.


2 thoughts on “Mexican, Philippine Legislators Vote To Ban Donald Trump”

  1. You Filipinos better get off this crazy band wagon and quit listening to the US liberal media. Donald never said he would ban immigration for anyone. So what is the Philippine govt do if he becomes President not let him come. Not very smart, all he has to do is pull all Military assets and financial assets from the country. Then china just might take over the Philippines without firing a shot. Trump said he would ban illegal immigration and enforce our laws. GEEEZ people wake up and smell the coffee


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