Aquino's Facebook page (screen grab)
Aquino’s Facebook page (screen grab)

MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – In his most critical statement about Facebook and social media  to date, Philippines President NoyNoy Aquino urged Filipino studens to “Open books before opening Facebook.”

On Friday, April 17, at the turnover ceremony of two new 3-story school buildings at the Tarlac National High School, Aquino  told students the government is working hard to secure their future – and asked that the youth do their part.

“Embrace the opportunities presented to you with hard work. I’m sure you’ve heard this many times from your parents but this time it comes from the President of the Philippines: Study hard. All the support is there, but I cannot learn for you,” he said.

“ Finish your homework before the raid in Clash of Clans. Because like I said, you will be the one to continue all this,” Aquino said

Immediately after his speech, Aquino returned to Manila and signed an executive order authorizing the Philippines’ Telecommunications Agency (PTA) to block Facebook access by all Filipinos under the age of 21. The E.O. also deputizes the National Bureau of Investigation and Philippine National Police to ensure the strict implementation of the new law.

Aquino, however, said that his Facebook page is exempted from the order which means that Filipinos of all ages are free to access the presidential page.

To date, Aquino’s Facebook page has 4 Million followers. That’s a disappointing 4 % of the entire population of the Philippines which critics say is an accurate reflection the president’s very low performance rating.

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