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MANILA, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – As far as Filipinos are concerned, blood is thicker than water. Between Manny Pacquiao and Justin Bieber, they’d choose Pacquiao.

The 21-year-old teenage idol is undoubtedly one of the most followed celebrities on social media. As of latest count, Bieber has over 77 Million Facebook fans, more than 61 Million and close to 24 Million Twitter and Instagram followers, respectively.

But all that is changing. The numbers are rapidly going down, thanks to Filipino fans who are unfollowing Bieber by the millions. (The Philippines has a population of 100 Million.)

Since the announcement early this year that Pacquiao will face American Floyd Mayweather in what is being billed ‘The Fight of the Century’ at MGM Grand Las Vegas on May 2, Filipino Bieber fans have, in no uncertain terms, made known their support for their countryman while angrily criticizing Bieber for openly rooting for Mayweather.

Bieber has always been a Mayweather fan, standing beside the undefeated champion during his boxing matches and even hanging out with the boxer off the ring. Bieber is also reportedly singing Mayweather’s entrance music live during the May 2nd bout.

Well, the Filipinos aren’t happy and are bidding The Bieb ‘buh-bye!’

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