Zuckerberg (Photo credit: biography.com)
Zuckerberg (Photo credit: biography.com)

SILICON Valley, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – It has happened to many of us on Facebook and Twitter. We unfriended and were unfriended; we unfollowed and were unfollowed. We even lost personal friends for good. ALL BECAUSE OF ALL CAPS.

Depite the efforts of social media sites to promulgate posting and tweeting etiquette, many netizens have insisted on writing in ALL CAPS, often triggering unhealthy debate and personal attacks. It is generally acknowledged that writing in ALL CAPS is the equivalent of shouting or screaming.

Today, social media giants Facebook and Twitter jointly announced that ALL CAPS will be banned from their networks.

“When someone tries to post a message that is written in ALL CAPS, the ‘send’ button will automatically turn grey and will be de-activated,” Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg says. “The only way to re-activate the send button is to change the post or message to lower case, or if necessary, caps and lower case.”

Twitter even considered banning all exclamation points and hash tags, but decided against it at the last moment.

The Adobo Chronicles would like to hear what our readers think of this new Facebook and Twitter policy, by using our comments section. And please, only use lower case letters in your comments.


  1. It would limit Free Speech, especially when relating to the press (or publishing comments online). If someone wants to be rude or to shout USING ALL CAPS for goodness sake then, it is their prerogative. I simply dont take the time to read all caps unless it the line looks brief, because all caps are harder to read quickly.


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