Adult Diaper-clad traffic enforcers in Manila (Photo credit: When In Manila)
Adult Diaper-clad traffic enforcers in Manila during the visit of Pope Francis (Photo credit: When In Manila)

SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – The City and County of San Francisco has learned a thing or two from the just-concluded visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines. One has to do with adult diapers.

During the Pope’s public appearances in Manila, police and traffic enforcers were required by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to wear adult diapers so that they didn’t have to leave their posts to answer the call of nature. The move ensured that there would be no unnecessary interruption in the performance of police and traffic duties. It was a way to effectively deal with a crowd of almost 6 Million and the lack of portable toilets.

San Francisco’s annual Pride parade and Folsom Street Fair attract hundreds of thousands of spectators, and police and traffic enforcers always end up short-handed. So, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee, taking his cue from Manila, ordered the San Francisco Police Department to field diaper patrols during these two big events this year.  Police officers will be required to wear adult diapers during their crowd control duties. The wearing of pants over the diapers would be optional, especially during the Folsom Fair.

Meanwhile, Scott Wiener, member of the Board of Supervisors representing the gay Castro District (District 8), said today he will be introducing a resolution to encourage participants and spectators for both the Pride Parade and Folsom Street Fair to also wear adult diapers. “This will greatly help with the lack of portable toilets during these big events and will save the city hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in renting these units,”  Wiener said.

Portable toilets cost the city anywhere from $150-$200 per unit. Handicap portable toilets cost even more, ranging from $300-$500 per unit.

So if you’re planning to be at this year’s Pride Parade and Folsom Street Fair, go get your adult diapers now at Costco or Target while they’re on sale!

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