imageManila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – The government of Philippine President NoyNoy Aquino has condemned a recent statement made by U.S. President Jose Biden regarding ISIS. Speaking about the militant group responsible for the beheading of two American journalists, Biden said, “We will follow them to the gates of hell.”

Aquino interpreted Biden’s warning as a threat to invade Manila, the Philippine capital described in author Dan Brown’s latest novel Inferno as ‘the gates of hell.’

“We may be close allies with the United States, but we will defend our country against any invasion to the last drop of our blood,” Aquino said.


Meanwhile, Philippine troops were seen amassing at Rizal Park (Luneta), ready to hold the nearby U.S. Embassy in Manila hostage in case the U.S. launches an attack.

This is the first time in Aquino’s  more than four years in office that he has demonstrated  strong leadership. Even his harshest critics were quite impressed.

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