imageSan Francisco, California (The Adobo Chronicles) – The historic Castro Rainbow Honor Walk (San Francisco’s version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame) was unveiled Tuesday amid fanfare and celebration, only to be doused with a cold bucket of ice, complete with embarrassment and criticism.  The reason? Glaring typos on a couple of the broimagenze plaques (see photos).

In an apparent attempt at damage control, Castro District County Supervisor Scott Wiener and the Honor Walk Board of Directors announced they were hiring for two full-time positions, effective immediately. The job description lists the following required skills:

  • Must be able to spell ‘biting’
  • Must be able to spell ‘transgendered’
  • Must know the correct color sequence of the gay rainbow flag

(The next phase of the Castro Street redevelopment project involves the painting of crosswalks with the colors of the rainbow)

The Honor Board is an equal opportunity employer. LGBT and straight people are encouraged to apply.

For the full job descrption and application procedures, visit





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