Miss Philippines Earth 2014 Winners (Photo by Rom Titular for ABQ)
Miss Philippines Earth 2014 Winners (Photo by Rom Titular for ABQ)

Manila, Philippines (The Adobo Chronicles) – The organizer of a Philippine beauty pageant was under questioning last week by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for the reported passing away of a contestant due to over-dieting.

The incident happened during the pre-pageant rehearsals for  Miss Philippines Earth 2014, when one of the contestants, Pircelyn Pialago told reporters that her roommate, Leslie Pine, passed away due to hunger.

It is common knowledge that aspiring beauty queens sometimes starve themselves to death in order to stay fit and slim for the contest. The NBI wanted to know whether the pageant organizer intentionally starved the contestants in order to showcase a better line-up of pageant ladies.

After completing its inquiry, the NBI determined that there was no crime or foul play committed. Apparently, Pialago meant to say that her roommate “passed out” and not “passed away.”

As a result of this embarrassing situation, the pageant organizer said that beginning next year, contestants to Miss Philippines Earth will undergo a week-long English grammar lessons as part of the pre-pageant activities.

Ms. Pine is alive and kicking, but didn’t win the coveted crown. Neither did Ms. Pialago.

(Former Beauty Queen Joyce Burton Titular of ‘The Adventures of a Beauty Queen’ contributed to this report.)


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