imagePyongyang, North Korea –  The world is just now learning about a two-week old new law in North Korea mandating that all men must sport the same hairstyle worn by their young leader – short on either side and long and fluffy on top.

Today, however, the North Korean president admitted that the inspiration behind his distinctive haircut comes from two young Western celebrities, one male and one female.

Pressed by reporters to name his inspiration, Kim Jong-un did not hesitate to reveal the two celebrities : Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus.

Bieber, Cyrus, Rodman
Bieber, Cyrus, Rodman

Sources close to Kim also said that the president is thinking of adding some facial accessories to complement his hairstyle : earrings and nose and lip rings, much like his idol Dennis Rodman. Korean men could be required to sport similar accessories in the future.

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