imageTel Aviv, Israel – All in Israel and the Philippines await the results of the finals of X Factor Israel, the syndicated reality TV singing competition originated by Simon Cowell in Great Britain. For one last time, the four finalists belted out their chosen song with all the passion and gusto they could muster.

For Filipina caregiver Rose Fostanes, a heavy favorite to win the competition, her chosen song could spell victory or doom, depending on how one feels about the classic ballad popularized by Frank Sinatra.

Unknown to many, “My Way” is closely identified with a strange phenomenon in the Philippines, dubbed “My Way Killings.” The Sinatra song has all but disappeared from the playlists of karaoke bars in the Philippines because of a series of  murders involving individuals singing or listening to the song.  At least half a dozen murders have been linked to the singing of “My Way” in various karaoke bars in the Philippines.

The big question now is: will “My Way” win the X Factor title for Fostanes or spell her doom?  If she wins the competition, will the song reappear in the playlists of Filipino karaoke bars?

All we can do is wait and see.

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