imageSacramento, California (EXCLUSIVE to The Adobo Chronicles) – Here in the most radical state of the U.S., shark’s fin and foie gras (fattened duck or goose liver) are already banned, thanks to legislation passed and signed into law within the  last two years.

California’s law that prohibits the sale, possession, trade, or distribution of shark fins went into effect in July this year, ending the longtime Chinese custom of serving shark’s fin soup. On the other hand, a federal appeals court ruled last September that California can keep in place its ban on the sale of foie gras. The law prohibits state farmers from force-feeding birds with a tube, a procedure used in producing foie gras. The law also prohibits the sale of the delicacy.

Now, in a new move that would inarguably seal California’s reputation as the world’s top melting pot of progressives, conservationists, environmentalists, human and animal rights activists,  a bi-partisan group of state assemblymembers is proposing a new set of  legislative bans.

The proposed bill will prohibit the sale of lechon (Filipino roasted pig), roasted duck and boiled crab throughout the state. The legislators cited the inhumane procedures used in cooking or displaying these traditional delicacies.

imageSuckling pigs are  bound and skewered in one whole piece before being roasted for hours over a fire pit. Live crabs are boiled in huge pots. Roasted ducks, on the other hand, are displayed stark naked in windows of Chinatown restaurants and food shops, hanging in iron hooks.

The lawmakers were one in saying that “the preparation and cooking procedures for these food items are cruel and have no regard whatsoever for the dignity of these poor creatures.”image

The Adobo Chronicles learned that this is just the beginning of a series of legislation that will look into other inhumane practices used in California’s multi-ethnic and diverse food and restaurant industry.

California voters concerned about other cuisine practices are urged to contact their assembly representatives. A toll-free hotline has been established for this purpose: 1 -000- BAN FOOD.


  1. It’s fake people. Besides… If the government bans these food they are going to have to ban the whole meat industry. No more chicken… No more eggs (you should see how these animals are treated at the farm factories)… Etc. The day will come when cows win law suits against people violating them!


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  3. adobochron….
    did you get beat or picked on by the Chinese or any other Asian nationality? or were you just bored at home with nothing to do. I for one am bored there for, for the first time I am replying to one of these post….


  4. I agree with a few people here; no source = no credibility.

    And you may want to get a few things straight for the record. I’m writing this mainly because I feel strongly about conservation, cultural culinary diversity, and the correct representation there of. So, here goes…

    First off, shark fins are banned because the finning practice is ecologically disastrous, completely unsustainable, it has brought many shark species to brink of extinction, and is largely responsible for putting some of the ocean’s most important predators (namely great whites and hammerheads) on the Endangered Species List. Mentioning it in your article in the way that you did makes it sound like it’s a cultural attack – which it is not. It’s not a Chinese culture issue, it’s a Conservation issue. These are non-domesticated animals that are being exterminated in nature at a scary rapid pace. Sharks are currently down to about 10% of their pre-1970 levels, world-wide. And in some areas sharks have been exterminated completely. The practice also exploits low-income communities in developing equatorial nations and is economically a very bad idea overall for everyone. Additionally, shark finning has been banned all over the world now – California is only one of many states, as well as some entire countries, to follow this example in an effort to help shark populations regenerate to levels that can be harvested sustainably. And while China is mainly responsible for depleting sharks (with Spain not too far behind), most of China doesn’t actually eat shark fin soup and the Chinese gov’t is currently and quite admirably doing things to help reduce the unsustainable practice. So, hooray California, China, and all the others doing their part there.

    Second, why “On the other hand…” regarding foie gras? There’s no ‘on the other hand’ there (by the way, you used that phrase incorrectly twice.) Foie gras was ‘also’ banned, but for very different reasons than shark fin soup; because it’s considered cruel (but yes, shark finning is very cruel). This is unfortunate since there are plenty of foie gras producers that don’t use the gavage method of tube-feeding geese; instead they allow geese to fatten up naturally, which they instinctively do every fall anyway to keep from starving during the winter, and then they are harvested humanely. Either way, foie gras is not necessarily a cultural issue. I could be wrong, but as far as I know, France, Spain and Quebec haven’t announced that their traditional values have been attacked by CA’s anti-gavage law.

    Third, there’s no mention up there about the fact that ducks and suckling pigs are already dead prior to preparation. Typically pigs are bound, skewered and roasted for hours, yes, but they died before any of that happens. As in, there’s no suffering on their part. And from what I know (and I admit that this is pure conjecture on my part), dead, plucked, roasted ducks hanging in a window don’t suffer from embarrassment. The only suffering is that of people who aren’t used to seeing where their food comes from (i.e., most suburbanites or people who have never been to a farm or haven’t traveled much). Also, it’s certainly NOT only Chinese or Philippine markets and restaurants that display their food like that. Go to Spain, Germany, Japan, Mexico, an organic farm in anywhere USA… Heck, almost everywhere outside of metro-centers of America. It’s only pretty recently that even US restaurants stopped displaying where a piece of bird or mammal protein actually came from before hitting the dining room. [No one, of course, would feel that displaying the ‘stark naked’ body of a fresh salmon or halibut on a mound of ice at the entrance of a restaurant is in poor taste.]

    Finally, I have never heard of any developed, westernized, sane-minded country (or republic, state, county, neighborhood, etc.), even considering banning the practice of cooking live crabs. There aren’t many – if any at all – Asian cultures that get picked on for their harsh treatment of invertebrates. But if you propose that in Washington or Maine or any US state with a coastline, you’re likely to get lynched. If real in CA, then they might as well attempt to ban eating lobsters, oysters – which are effectively alive when eaten on the half-shell -, sea urchins (uni anyone?), mussels and clams, or feeding live brine shrimp to your aquarium fish or crickets to your pet lizard while you’re at it. Either way, your article says nothing about crabs other than they are boiled alive in huge pots. That part is true. I’ll give you that.

    This sounds a bit like a meat-phobic, vegan agenda, which is strange considering your blog’s title. Not sure what you were trying to accomplish here, but If you’re really concerned about animal cruelty, try citing news on how animals are raised, not how they’re displayed. If, on the other hand, you just wanted to invite criticism, then mission accomplished. 😉


    1. “…Finally, I have never heard of any developed, westernized, sane-minded country (or republic, state, county, neighborhood, etc.), even considering banning the practice of cooking live crabs. There aren’t many – if any at all – Asian cultures that get picked on for their harsh treatment of invertebrates…”

      Do you realize how ethnocentric and prejudiced you sound?


  5. Sharks were only killed for their fins. Most of the bodies were discarded. I can understand that, but my dad’s a fisherman crabbing has been an S.F. thing for a while. We don’t discard anything from the crab except the shell. My mom’s a Filipina, we waste nothing on lechon. And it’s not even supper common in Cali either. Duck? I’ve known many acquaintances and friends of mine to eat everything off of roast duck. Does this mean game duck is also off limits? And I agree, I don’t think there is a China Town in Sacramento. Courses need to be cited adbochraon.


  6. dude come on Americans, why the heck r u attacking the Chinese, when White people are also doing the same thing to the pigs… First you ban Chinese for selling frogs, now ducks and pigs and shark fin… Well Americans stop being pigs and eating everything that is animal-based! Screw you politicians! You guys are pathethic! And besides roasting pig is a part of the Chinese culture, you’re trying to take their culture away! What kind of world will US become?! Animal cruetly my butt Americans, i seen what non-chinese people have done to the animals! Why attack Chinese people?


    1. the US is not a world. and tbh sharkfin is no dalicacy. thats just pure animal cruelty where only the fins are taken and the rest ditched somewhere to rot. for the rest i agree with everyone. its just plain retarded.

      and BTW you say that whites eat everything?? dunno wasn’t it a common meal when the chinese ate monkeys and dogs?? just saying that each culture has their own food chain but in general its ALL humans that eat most of the living animals. not just one group or country.


  7. FYI, as someone who works at the Capitol, this is pretty much bullshit. The skewering of LIVE pigs has been the subject of a proposed ban for maybe 15 consecutive legislative sessions … it’s never passed. Same with ducks/chickens/turkeys/etc.

    A law to prohibit the hanging of roasted ducks/chickens for HEALTH concerns? Possible. But not currently introduced.


  8. they took away shark fin soup. Now they are trying to take away our way of life. Enough is enough. Ban our food, then we should be banning chicken, pork and beef as well. Lets take away mcdonalds and kfc, Lets set wendys and and popeyes on fire too while we’re at it. Might as well arrest the farmers and shut down slaughter houses. To think that what was a nice country to breed, live and die in is now a peta filled goverment full of ironic dumbasses who contradict what is the right way of killing for food. Thus ignoring the fact that most ethnics has been eating and killing what is considered food to them for thousands of years. Bunch of political animal rights activists trying to destroy what keeps this nation alive.


  9. Hello there, considering this is an exclusive lead on your blog. I too am curious to see your source of this. The most recent bill introduced (and returned) on the record with regards to food is bill SB-623 regarding Food Safety posted on the official California Legislator itself:

    Skepticism aside, thanks for the heads up. I’ll keep my eyes peeled on this one before publicizing as well.


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