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Manny Pacquiao Ends Senatorial Bid With A Decisive Win Over Timothy Bradley

imageLAS VEGAS, Nevada (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) – Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao ended his legendary political career with a decisive win over American Timothy Bradley in their third encounter in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 9 (Sunday, April 10 in Manila). Pacquiao won by a unanimous decision.

The 37-year-old Pacquiao, a congressman in the Philippines who is running for a senatorial seat in his country’s May elections, announced he was quitting the Senate race.

Like most people who decide to voluntarily retire from their chosen careers, Pacquiao said he wanted to quit on a high note, and quit as a winner. He didn’t want a loss in the elections to taint his victorious final bout in the ring.

We can’t blame him. It’s good for him. It’s great for the Filipino people.




gen8bManila, Philippines –  As rescue and relief operations enter its second week, many Filipinos in the remote and ravaged towns and cities in Central Philippines are still unaccounted for.  Filipino expatriates in the U.S., Canada, Europe and the Middle East have turned to Facebook and other forms of social media to try to locate and get information about the fate or whereabouts of their relatives in the Philippines.

Cash and in-kind donations from foreign governments and the international community have begun to pour in, even as relief efforts are starting to slowly come together.  Many citizens whose homes were totally destroyed by the typhoon have been flown out of the ravaged areas and into other cities like Manila where they have reunited with their families or are being housed in temporary evacuation centers.

But many Filipinos to date have been unsuccessful in locating missing persons, especially the members of the Philippine  Senate.  Very few of the senators have been heard from since Haiyan made landfall in Leyte.  Just weeks prior to Haiyan,  many of the senators were very vocal and visible  — in the halls of Congress as well as in the media — defending themselves from allegations of their involvement in the pork barrel scandal which saw the diversion of billions of taxpayer money into fake nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) or into the personal accounts of top politicians and their cronies.

Filipino netizens with information on the whereabouts of the senators are being urged to post them on their Facebook  or Twitter pages, or on Instagram. They may also report any sightings to Philippine and international media as well as police authorities.